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 ID: 63

Entry Date

 Name: Henri

2011-08-27 02:10:46

 Site Rating: 10
 Comments: Hello,
This is good news and thank you to for these website.

 ID: 57

Entry Date

 Name: Mohammed

2010-12-16 14:04:25

 Site Rating: 10
 Comments: Iím really happy to deal with Syria Gift Shop.. They are the best.. Sure Iíll deal with them again...

 ID: 56

Entry Date

 Name: Hensley

2010-11-13 11:14:55

 Site Rating: 10
 Comments: Very good cheers for the page. A Perfect page of info.

 ID: 55

Entry Date

 Name: Wael

2010-11-10 12:09:18

 Site Rating: 10
 Comments: I'm so proud to find such this Pro service in Syria, I'm a new customer for them now and I'll be back very soon,

Thank all, Hope you all the best
Wael Habbal.

 ID: 53

Entry Date

 Name: Anna M.

2010-07-24 22:17:59

 Site Rating: 10
 Comments: Hi! \"Gift From Syria\" is the place to shop when you want to show the people you love how much you care for them! The service is outstanding, and the people so wonderful to deal with! I can\'t recommend this gift shop more highly!! It has made a permanent and grateful customer out of me!!

 ID: 51

Entry Date

 Name: Summer

2010-04-22 09:31:56

 Site Rating: 10
 Comments: This is a review of the product that I bought as a gift. The recipient of the gift was very happy with the beauty and the arrangement of the flowers and it was worth every penny to hear that it brought a smile to the recipientís face. It is amazing what a little gift can do to lift someoneís spirit for even a day and the Syria Gift Shop was able to deliver such a smile. Thank you so very much and I will be telling my friends all over the world about your wonderful site and service.

 ID: 50

Entry Date

 Name: Summer

2010-04-21 13:45:20

 Site Rating: 10
 Comments: I would like to thank you for this wonderful site and your outstanding customer service and support. I was amazed at the level of profasionalism displayed by your staff and sales manager. All my questions were answered promptly and all my requests were met .I especially appreciate the fast service from the time I initiated the order. I have never done business with anyone that went the extra mile to make sure his/her customer is happy. I am a VERY happy cutomer and I look forward to future transactions. Keep up the great work. We need buisness with your philosophy and mission.

 ID: 49

Entry Date

 Name: Rama Tamimi

2010-03-21 10:30:57

 Site Rating: 10
 Comments: Hi there,
This site is very helpful, full of a variety of gifts that makes us (syrians who live abroad) closer to our loved ones in Syria. Your service is wonderful. You reply very fast to clients inquiries and you provide all the help one may need.
I thank you for a great service and I will be using the site more often inshalla.

 ID: 48

Entry Date

 Name: Naeed Younis

2010-03-05 00:40:30

 Site Rating: 10
 Comments: The website is excellent, it has everything in store and so easy to browse and purchase.
I am so pleased and would like to Thank You for the excellent service that was provided, I was kept up to date immediately via e-mail and recieved telephone confirmation.

My order was dealt with professionally and effeciently.
I enjoyed shopping with you and will definately carry on in the future.

I would like to congratulate the whole staff of 'Syria Gift Shop' on the excellent work.
Thank You so much..

 ID: 46

Entry Date

 Name: Colin

2009-09-18 14:38:57

 Site Rating: 10
 Comments: Nice site - keep up the good work.
Best wishes ... Colin

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