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 ID: 6

Entry Date

 Name: David

2006-01-09 15:19:24

 Site Rating: 10
 Comments: Brilliant website. Prompt delivery of flowers and friendly correspondence. Comforting and familiar shop layouts made it easier to navigate and browse the shops.

 ID: 5

Entry Date

 Name: Carol

2005-12-28 18:20:44

 Site Rating: 10
 Comments: I was very impressed with your site, really easy to use and very cheap too. Just placed my first order. Thanks

 ID: 4

Entry Date

 Name: Fareda

2005-10-05 03:38:10

 Site Rating: 10
 Comments: I found your website by chance today and I wanted to say how fantastic it is. I have made 1 purchase but I will definitley be back for more. It's just a shame I didn't find it a bit sooner before motherday to send gift to my mum in syria.

 ID: 3

Entry Date

 Name: Roland Herbert

2005-08-18 07:44:06

 Site Rating: 10
 Comments: I have ordered items a couple of times and have been surprised how quick these were delivered. This is a brilliant site, and a good idea.

 ID: 2

Entry Date

 Name: Beryl

2005-06-23 05:22:14

 Site Rating: 10
 Comments: Your website is fantastic!Great shops,best I've seen so far.Glad to have found you,I get everything I need here.Quick reply to my Emails, Supper !! Thank you!

 ID: 1

Entry Date

 Name: Joan

2005-05-15 10:40:09

 Site Rating: 10
 Comments: Great site, really good layout, great shops... just placed my first order but I look forward to coming back again soon!

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